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Hydroponic gardening is simply growing without soil. It is a more efficient way to provide plants what they need to grow. Plants don't need soil - they need the food, water, aeration and support that soil traditionally provides. In a hydroponic garden, you provide your plants with a complete nutrient formula and an inert growing medium to anchor the plant roots. As roots also need oxygen, a good hydroponic system will involve better aeration to the root system. This is usually done through air pumps and/or highly aerated growing mediums such as clay pebbles, coconut coir and rockwool. 

The difference is....Results! Plants grow faster and are ready for harvest sooner. There are NO weeds or soil-borne pests and diseases to worry with. Your plants are getting exactly what you want them to have throughout their different phases of growth and it's delivered in the most efficient way possible. For professional growers... quicker harvests, sweeter fruits and higher yields are great reasons to use hydroponics.